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Serving utility and industrial clients with their Power Distribution Design needs since 1996.   


Turkenburg Power Systems, Inc. provides electrical design and consulting services for industrial and utility clients.  TPS is an authorized distributor of ETAP software, the most comprehensive power system analysis solution for the design, simulation, and analysis of generation, transmission, distribution, and industrial power systems.   



TPS, Inc. specializes in providing electrical engineering support to industries and utilities as related to power distribution, process control, SCADA/Telemetry systems and power generation.  Our team has extensive experience in all facets of power distribution design of substations, distribution lines and transmission lines through 230 kV. 



Planning is the basis from which all design originates.  TPS can support utilities with their Long Range Planning and industrial operators plan expansions.  Utilizing ETAP (Electrical Transient Analysis Program)software TPS can model the distribution system, analyze system modifications and expansions, from which design and cost alternatives can be discussed.



Continuing from the planning phase, we offer engineering services associated with the preparation of construction documents for bid/construction purposes.  Our design phase services include the development of the technical specifications, electrical plan drawings, one-line diagrams, equipment elevations and panel layout drawings, control schematics and system configuration drawings.



Our project team offers full construction support services including assistance during the bid process, evaluation of the bid results, construction management, on-site construction observation and commissioning services.  For projects involving custom controls, we also offer to conduct shop witness testing and factory acceptance testing services to ensure that the products/systems being provided by the contractor meets the functionality and intent of the design specific to the project.



Our team has extensive experience providing PLC programming, RTU programming, computer and SCADA software configuration and other software services for SCADA/Telemetry applications.  Our preferred approach yields a system that is functional, flexible, easy to expand, and very economical.  Clear, concise user screens display data and control functions for each process or substation.  Our standard substation interface presents meter data, breaker position, protection targets, and most recent fault information. 


We offer extensive experience in setting up Graphical User Interfaces.  We have experience with nearly all the manufacturers that are presently available.  We have developed standards for how the operator interface displays should be arranged and developed, and can work with our clients on their preferences and produce an exceptional product in a minimal amount of time.  We work with each client individually to set up and create reports that are needed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and provide an automated format for reporting the information that the system accumulates and compiles.



We provide complete project documentation for all project work including, functional operational descriptions, PLC/RTU program annotation and printouts, troubleshooting and maintenance descriptions, PLC/RTU program annotation and printouts, troubleshooting and maintenance descriptions, backup and archiving procedural descriptions, and training materials.  Our team offers comprehensive training services for out Client's maintenance and operations personnel.  These programs allow the client to fully utilize the capabilities of their control system.



TPS has developed project management methodology and project cost control measures and procedures to ensure a successful project, not only for us, but for our clients.  Each project starts with a well defined scope from which a budget can be developed and tracked.  We compare project tasks against actual project costs to determine variances.  In this way, we can make adjustments before problems arise.



We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of professional engineering available.  Quality Control is accomplished by means of ongoing project review sessions and quality control procedures and checklists.  Our project team is committed to providing quality service to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

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